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  • Do you experience everyday life with a lot of stress and long to-do lists? 

  • Do you suffer from headaches, back pain or pain elsewhere in the body? 

  • Do you need to get into gear - NOW?

  • Do you suffer from anxiety or phobias?

  • Do you have trouble relaxing and do you sleep poorly?


By using conscious breathing in your everyday life, you can get in much better contact with yourself - your feelings, needs and values. Conscious breathing is for you who want more self-care, calmness, authentic presence, joy, increased energy and greater clarity with yourself.


In my work, I primarily use breathing therapy, which combines conscious coherent breathing (also called "Rebirthing"), with gentle relaxation in a unique combination, to release the body's inappropriate and unconscious tensions and blockages. Conditions that we all carry around and are affected by, to a greater or lesser extent. These most often appear in the form of either pain, sore muscles, negative thoughts and feelings. 


In addition, I also use a number of different energy, mindfulness and meditation exercises depending on the purpose of the individual session, based on the client's needs, situation and wishes.


The integration of conscious breathing into everyday life has a number of well-documented positive effects on body and psyche. I previously worked with psychologists and psychotherapists, as conscious breathing is a good supplement to their cognitive work.


I have extensive experience in teaching conscious breathing, both individually and in larger group contexts, where I have created long-term teaching courses for larger companies, meditation groups and in connection with retreats at home and abroad.

Practical information:


Breathing sessions and training in conscious breathing are held by appointment, both for individuals, couples and groups. 

Teaching groups may possibly will be held at the company or association's address - please contact me for more information. 



  • EUR 160 for 1:1 session of 1.5 hour duration

  • EUR 240 for a couple's session lasting 2 hours

  • EUR 1075 for a group (3 to 10 people) training in conscious breathing of 4 hours duration incl. prior preparation


All prices are exclusive VAT.


Contact me for a non-binding chat about CONSCIOUS WEATHER DRAWING

Jeg vender tilbage hurtigst muligt!

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