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Until I turned 40, I was a successful businessman with managerial jobs in several recognized companies, and 100 travel days a year.

The year I entered my fourth decade, I became managing director and co-owner of an entrepreneurial company in fashion with global ambitions. 

It was a turning point for me, and the start of an abrupt awakening.

After 26 months of non-stop work in the entrepreneurial company, I had to throw in the towel when I experienced severe overload reactions. This breakdown made it clear to me that I lacked the ability to appreciate the beauty of life, to be present and fully present in the moment - and brought with it a heartfelt desire to change this. 

A new chapter began, bringing about an opening to the metaphysical and spiritual world. It was also the beginning of one of the biggest turning points in my life, where I started my conscious journey to create balance between body, mind and spirit. My inner work was about making repressed traumas aware and dissolving inappropriate action and behavior patterns. A journey that lasts a lifetime.

I am passionate about being a catalyst for conscious change processes and thereby contributing to building a bridge between the inner and outer world - both individually and in groups. 
My experience is that a deeper inner harmony, balance, meaningfulness and joy in life occurs when these two worlds are connected and lived simultaneously. 
I work with a combination of conversation, conscious breathing, meditation, healing and astrology. I also incorporate my work experience from both established companies and startups in my work, where my primary function has always been to turn ideas, visions and plans into concrete reality. 

I believe that our lives are about making the unconscious within us conscious - for the benefit and joy of both ourselves and the WHOLE.


With love Jacob 



1984-85: AFS exchange student, Lille, France.

1986: High School Diploma, Aalborghus Gymnasium, Aalborg.

1989: B.Sc. International Business and Economics., Business School in Aarhus.

1990: KEDGE Business School Marseille-International Business (French MBA), France. 

1991: ERASMUS student at the University of Siena, Italy.

1992: Thesis work for Danfoss in France, Paris, France. COMETT grant.

1993: M.Sc. International Organization and Economics, Business School in Aarhus.


1998-2013: A series of management courses at Coloplast A/S, Johnson & Johnson and Cardiac Science.


2001: NLP Practitioner (Expand).

2006: B-Football coach, DBU (5 years as football coach at FC Holte)

2011: NLP Master Practitioner (NLP-Huset)

2014: Body and respiratory therapist.

2014: Paqo/healer cf. the Andean tradition

2015: MST-basic instructor (holistic fitness)

2016: Thorax Trainer instructor level 2 by M.D. Ulrich Ghisler.

2018: Energy field therapist, 1st part, by healer and musician Frank Lorentzen.

2019: Divine Deacon by author Lars Muhl.

2020: Spiritual Astrologer at the Astrological Academy by astrologer Claus Houlberg.


Work experience:


I have more than 25 years of experience with internationalisation, entrepreneurship and management both at home and abroad, and have been self-employed for the last 10 years, where I have worked with, among other things, planning and implementing larger spiritual workshops, concerts and retreats in Denmark and abroad. 


In my work, I have been a facilitator for a large number of Wholeness Roadmap processes, both individually and in groups. I have also had a number of long-term consultancy assignments with the aim of turning ideas and dreams into concrete reality.


Finally, I have worked with personal development and awareness, via the use of breathing therapy, life conversations, astrology and healing.

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