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A law of quantum physics is that we are all co-creators of our own reality and of the world. We create with our consciousness - WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE IN YOUR LIFE?


  • Are you at a crossroads professionally or privately?

  • Do you miss direction, purpose and a new perspective?

  • Are you affected or affected by serious illness, divorce, dismissal or something else that has shaken your foundation?

  • Do you need sparring and inspiration to see your life with new eyes?

During a life conversation, you will get to know the personal, existential questions that are on your mind right now. You will gain a deeper insight into and understanding of who you are - your strengths/qualities and dark sides/challenges, as well as an increased insight and acceptance of your current life situation.

The conversation will be able to support you in finding the courage to follow the voice of your own heart – an internally guided life with more joy, balance and harmony.


After the interview, you will experience having been given a number of new, concrete options for action, which you can use in practice to improve your life situation.

Practical information:


Before the session, you send me 3-5 existential questions before we meet, so that I can prepare as best as possible. The questions set the framework for your personal life conversation. The life conversation is based on your birth chart, which is your personal blueprint. 

Along with your questions, please also send your birth data (place of birth, date, year and time). 



1:1 session. Price EUR 322 for a 2-hour session including prior preparation. 


Contact me for a non-binding discussion of your personal LIFE CONVERSATION

Jeg vender tilbage hurtigst muligt!

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